How to Lose Weight During Menopause: Steps on the Best Ways to Do It

ou probably have never wondered how to lose weight during menopause. Maybe because you have never thought about how difficult it becomes for women to lose weight at this stage in their lives. This is normally a natural stage in a woman and it comes with many changes for them. They may be physical and biological as well as social.
One of the major changes is the hormonal imbalances that result in a weight gain. The social life also changes and this woman may not be able to carefully watch her diet due to changes in social life and this too results in a weight gain.
Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, the issue of how to lose weight comes up. The health of this woman becomes more important so in essence, she is not looking for a diet pill or surgery, but instead out to look for the healthiest way to lose weight.
Why is it difficult?
During this period, the hormonal changes bring along some sort of sensitivity to diets. Your body is more in need of some nutrients than it did before, so weight loss menopause only becomes more difficult. The loss of important nutrients such as calcium also leads to some weight gain.
First step: Moderate things
The major problem that a woman in her menopause may encounter is resistance to changes. At this period, completely changing your diet may not be the solution and you may find that it will only make it worse. So as a remedy, try to moderate things. Do not introduce everything instantly but rather give the body some time to register the changes.
For instance, if you deny yourself all your favorite meal because they are unhealthy, it is more likely that you will fail in weight loss. But always remember that you must strive to achieve the healthiest feeding habits you can.
Second step: Exercise
Most women in their menopause find exercise quite impossible. But weight loss is to be made possible, you must try and exercise. Try sticking to simple and less intensive exercise such as jogging and walking at least everyday. Remember you must want to maintain a very healthy lifestyle and such can not be achieved devoid of exercise.
However, be careful as your body is quite fragile at this age and you would not want to
engage in exercise that will hurt you in the name of weight loss.
Step three: Everything natural
During menopause, you will find that your body is quite sensitive and to avoid evoking negative reactions, keep everything natural. Try natural herbal tea and other foods and you will find that the body responds positively. This will not only help you in losing weight but will also boost your health which could be quite frail at such a time.
So you now know that how to lose weight during menopause should not be such a hard thing, just understand your body ad feed it with what it needs. Remember staying fit at this time is also essential.
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How to Lose Face Weight Fast - A Simple System

For this article I will detail how to lose face weight, by explaining a very simple system that will help you get started now.
firstly do you either have one of these problems
A) You have a skinny and lean body but you have a fat face, and want to know how to lose face weight
B) You recently lost weight but somehow the weight on your face remains the same.
This is your biggest problem...
The common problem is having more face weight than you should, while the rest of your body is not overweight at all.
What if I were to tell you that there is a way to lose face weight without plastic surgery, or losing body weight?
Do you wish you could lose face weight? If only you could target that specific area to lose weight, you can get this part of yourself handled and life would be so much easier, you would look much more attractive, you will get more attention from the opposite sex or a better chance at job interviews, and you do not have to feel insecure about how your face looks especially in photos anymore. In a moment I am going to detail what you need to do.
So why losing body weight is not a good way to lose face weight
You may have heard that in order for you to lose face weight, you must lose your overall body weight or body fat percentage. It is true that you cannot target a specific area to lose weight. However, there are ways which you can increase your chances to lose face weight. One of the reason why you have more weight on your face is because the fat from your calorie intake (may be through genetics) is storing straight into your face first before anywhere else.
Here is the trick
As we all know, muscles are very good at burning calories, so the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn, so the best way to prevent fat from storing in your face is to build muscles.
To help you lose face weight you need to strengthen and tone your facial muscles. Your face has muscles just like any other area of your body, so it makes sense to exercise your face muscles to lose face weight.
Now in case you might be thinking that having face muscles might make you look ugly, this is not true, in fact it is the complete opposite. When building muscles it tightens the skin giving you a more smooth and sculpted look. Your skin is an elastic organ that forms the contours of your face muscles, exercising with a proper program will make your muscles contract and tighten and thus would tighten up your skin, this will reduce wrinkles and stop the stretching of your skin making you look younger and healthier.
There are about 140 different facial exercise techniques that you can learn to do and I will address this a bit later. But the most important thing I am trying to put across is that this is not difficult.
Even though it may seem impossible, and so frustrating to have those chubby cheeks and double chin to a point where you might even consider plastic surgery, but you have to realize that this is not hard, like losing your body weight you just have to be consistent in your facial exercise and in your diet.
NOTE: In no way you should consider plastic surgery at this point, because why should you spend $1,500 to over $5,000 for a buccal fat reduction or a cheek reduction surgery and put your precious face at risk of cheek hollowing and permanent facial paralysis when you can try out these highly developed facial exercises to lose face weight that I am going to show you?
Some quick tips
A quick tip on your diet to lose face weight is to eat more red meat or anything that gives you a good amount of protein. Face puffiness can be caused by having excess water stored in your face, protein can prevent puffiness in your face because it helps release water out of your blood cells.
Also eat more things that you can chew with your mouth, chewing is a good form of exercise for your face such as your jaws. So start chewing your face fat off.
Another tip is to reduce your calorie intake by eating smaller meals, but eat more regularly every 3 hours to increase your metabolism this will make your body process the food that you eat more quickly which leaves less calories to store in your body as fat, and as you know, all the calorie that you eat will go straight to your fat face anyways so make sure you reduce the amount of calories you put in.
You do not need to get overwhelmed by all this. All you need to know is that the key to lose face weight is facial exercises and reducing the amount of calories you consume. It is like going on a weight loss exercise and diet for your face.
Did You Know That You Can Lose Face Weight Without Surgery?
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Help Me Lose Weight Please! How to Let Go of the Panic So You Are Free to Lose

Help me lose weight please!  Are you at this point?  Please, someone just tell me what to do so I can stop the torture of being overweight.  As a weight loss consultant I hear this cry of desperation often and as a person who spent 20 years yo-yo dieting before finally finding success I can say that I have personally uttered this plea myself.  This article will show you how to come down from this stressful place so you can allow weight loss to happen instead of trying to force it.
Too often we reach a point where we suddenly become aware of how uncomfortable we feel inside our body.  At that moment we want nothing more than to wave a magic wand and instantly melt all of the extra pounds away.  I know this frustration and I understand the deep desire for weight loss to be instantaneous but the truth is significant weight loss does take time.
Panic might spur you into action but it will not carry you long enough to see any real weight loss results.  To be successful you must let the panic pass and accept that it is time to stop this battle and get real about this problem.
Your body will release the extra weight but you have to get to a place where you are allowing this to happen.  When you try to force your body to lose by drastically dropping your calories or exercising like crazy your body revolts.  It wants you to stay healthy and these types of drastic changes cause it to shut down.
Instead set yourself up for success by creating a mindset that says, "this will be a challenge but I can do it." and then start following a plan for weight loss.  There are many good plans on the market and all of them will have you eat less which over time will allow your body to comfortably release the pounds.
When you find yourself screaming, "Help me lose weight please!"  The most important thing for you to do is calm yourself down and remind yourself that you cannot force weight loss, take a deep breathe and keep working toward your goal.
Would you like help losing weight
My name is Dr. Becky Gillaspy and for the past 10 years I have worked with clients who struggle with weight loss. What I have found is that most people subconsciously block their ability to lose weight due to a few predictable and correctable factors.
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How to Lose Weight Fast For Free - Look Fantastic in 90 Days!

No Matter what your goal, this How To Lose Weight Fast For Free program will give you consistent results to look good naked in 90 days. The Secret? Circuit training. Ignite your metabolism and burn the fat. You will improve flexibility, build muscle tone, increase strength, increase aerobic capacity, build muscular endurance, improve coordination and most importantly burn fat.
Circuit training is at least 50% of the puzzle for permanent weight loss and 75% of the solution for men and women to look great with or without clothes. The top circuit training for weight loss routine will contain a combination of exercises that work all parts of the body with little or no rest between the movements. The program should be designed so that you can do it at home or in a gym.
Circuit training leads to weight loss due to a variety of reasons. After performing a circuit training routine, your metabolism remains elevated for up to 48 hours burning additional fat stores and building muscle. Increased muscle mass means your body will burn more calories than it previously did. These effects on your body occur because circuit training insures that your heart rate remains elevated to between 70-85% of your maximum, much as it would doing hill sprints, but with much less discomfort.
Do you have access to a gym? Or, do you wish to add some variety to the fitness circuit routine you've been following. Then here are some easy ways of How To Lose Weight Fast For Free by building your own routine.
0) Warm up with Jumping Jacks, Hopping and Stretching for 5 - 10 minutes
1) Choose 5 "Push Exercises" and 5 "Pull Exercises". Include upper and lower body exercises.
2) Perform between 8 - 15 repetitions of a "Push Exercise". Then without rest perform 8 - 15 repetitions of a "Pull Exercise". Alternate Push - Pull exercises in the circuit.
3) Do not rest more than 10 seconds before moving on to your "Pull Exercise".
4) After completing the entire circuit repeat one to two more times.
5) Vary the exercises you choose and the number of repetitions you perform.
Be sure to include the big three in your How To Lose Weight Fast For Free routines; Squats, Pull Ups and Push Ups. I know, I can hear you from here, "I hate push ups, and I have never done a pull up in my life."
What you must do then is cheat. No, do not skip the exercises, but rather perform partial movements or use a chair to assist you. Instead of doing push ups on the floor, do push ups against a table or kitchen counter. As you gain strength, work your way down to lower objects until you finally are doing full push ups on the floor.
For pull ups you could start by lying underneath a chair and pulling your upper body up. Eventually you can work your way up to a bar with a chair underneath it to push off of with your legs. Keep at it. Soon you will be able to do full pullups. Over 90 days, assuming of course you follow the diet advice and other protocols in, you can expect to lose 15-20% of your weight while adding muscle. By doing this you will look drastically better naked. We wish you the best with this How To Lose Weight Fast For Free and Look Fantastic In 90 days program!
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Take the Brazilian Diet Pill at Your Peril

I have recently written articles for a diet web site, both of which targeted the much hyped "Brazilian Diet Pill". The first article discussed the American Food and Drug Administration's position on the pill, and the second discussed Health Canada's position on the pill. Both regulatory bodies have issued statements warning the public not to consume the Brazilian diet pill. The truth should make you think twice about using the Brazilian diet pill as a diet supplement. I am alarmed by the dangers of this easily accessible pill, touted as "all natural", and therefore have decided to condense and combine these articles and re-post another warning article here.
All Natural Diet Pills?
Brazilian diet pills are sold over the web as Emagrece Sim (also known as the Brazilian Diet Pill) and Herbathin. The FDA said the diet pills are imported and distributed by two Florida companies, Emagrece Sim Laboratories Inc. of Miami, and EMIEX Corp. of Doral, Fla. However, it is now thought that EMIEX discontinued the distribution of the Brazilian diet pill after the FDA annoucement.
These pills are typically sold in kits, containing two varieties of capsules, with different "levels" to be used at different stages of a weight-loss regimen. Herbathin Inc. sells a 45-day supply of the pills through its Web site for $185. These pills were alleged to promote weight loss in a safe and completely natural manner. The website claims the "natural Brazilian diet pill" are made from "over 40 different herbs among other high quality ingredients" and that the herbs "come fresh from the Brazilian rain forest."
The truth is that these pills are not all-natural and they might not even be safe for consumption. The Food and Drug Administration warned consumers in early 2006 not to use two unapproved Brazilian diet pills because testing has revealed they may contain prescription only tranquilizers, antidepressants and stimulants such as the active ingredients in Librium/Librax (chlordiazepoxide HCl) and Prozac (fluoxetineHCl). Although the pills were never readily available in Canada, Health Canada posted a similar warning around the same time.
The use of the Brazilian Diet Pill can lead to serious side effects or injury. Furthermore, the active ingredient in Librium/Librax, namely chlordiazepoxide, can be addictive.
Another ingredient in the diet pills, namely Fenproporex, is a stimulant that the body converts to amphetamine. Users of the diet pills have failed work-related drug tests after their urine tested positive for amphetamines. There are documented cases of tests being done at the behest of several people who faced losing their jobs after testing positive for amphetamines. These further tests revealed the presence of both Librium and an amphetamine-type compound in their blood system.
Health Canada warned consumers who were taking these "all natural" pills to continue taking them and consult with their physicians immediately, as medical supervision is required for discontinuing chlordiazepoxide HCl, fluoxetine HCl, and fenproporex. An abrupt withdrawal of these medications could lead to serious physical and psychological symptoms, such as fatigue, agitation, accelerated heart beat, anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts
Health Canada also warned consumers of the Brazilian diet pill to be cautious since their mental alertness and physical co-ordination may be impaired. Their ability to perform certain tasks such as driving or operating machinery could be affected by the consumption of these pills. Furthermore, since these diet pills contained active drug ingredients, they could cause serious interactions with other drugs or other all natural health products.
Experts say there is really no way of knowing what you might be getting if you buy "all natural" Brazilian diet pills over the internet.
The bottom line is that you will be taking a dangerous chance with the Brazilian diet pill. Your health just isn't worth taking this type of risk.
For more information on the perils of the Brazilian diet pill please visit
Jen Moore is a health expert on ezine.

Start Swimming to Lose Belly Fat

When you were a kid, you probably spent hours every summer swimming in a pool, if not in a river, a lake or the beautiful ocean. Playing in the water with your friends was so much fun that you probably did not realize how beneficial the low impact exercise was for your body. Every time you go for a swim, you are working out every muscle in your body, while getting a fabulous aerobic exercise. If you dislike the high impact strain on your joints caused from running or jogging, swimming can be your ideal method to lose belly fat quickly.
Swimming can be marvelous for helping you slim down your physique. Splashing around in either fresh or saltwater is one of the best methods of exercising to relive any pain on leg joints, a common problem with overweight men and women. Your heart and lungs get a fabulous workout as well. To begin swimming for fast weight loss, it always helps to be prepared. Get yourself a good swimsuit, perhaps look for a polyester one for durability. Snug, yet comfortable goggles are important to protect your eyes from chlorine, fish droppings and a variety of foreign substances from irritating your eyes.
When it comes to starting your swimming routine for weight loss, do not jump right into the deep end. Begin slowly, perhaps by swimming laps in a pool. With time, you can increase your speed, as well as your number of reps. Doctors recommend swimming for at least 30 minutes a day, four days a week, to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, along with stress. With time, you can begin swimming more and more often. As a direct result, your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes will be cut in half.
In the water, your technique is crucial. Even if you have been swimming to lose weight for many years, you can probably improve your technique. Perhaps find a swimming instructor to offer you tips on your style and speed. The more weight you lose, the more enjoyable swimming can become.
Start by swimming at a steady speed for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, and begin again. Repeat the routine ten times. You can also rely on an inexpensive kickboard to do the same exercise, but concentrating on your leg muscles. As the weeks progress, you should add some variety to your little routine. Swim for longer periods of time before you rest your lungs. You can also perform the same exercise with the backstroke, the breaststroke and the butterfly. Purchasing a waterproof watch is also a good investment.
When depending on swimming to burn fat, you should always set realistic goals for yourself. If you set a goal too high, you may get frustrated and throw in the towel. Nobody wants that. After all, you should be having fun while slimming down your physique in the water. Find a friend to join you in your swim, and help you stay motivated to jump in. Almost all public pools have swimming groups and races for you to take part in. Regardless of your age, sex or fitness level, you can find some exciting and competitive water activities to take part in. Just open the phone book, or utilize Google. Your cardiovascular system and your muscles will only get stronger from swimming to lose weight quickly.
I reached my 40s and I got fat. Eating right and lifting weights were no longer enough to keep thin. I asked my doctor how to lose weight fast, and he recommended swimming. It has been a couple weeks, and not only have I experienced major weight loss, I am having a ball in the pool. Thanks Doc!

9 Best Quick Weight Loss Tips for Teenage Girls

Teenage girls are extremely conscious about their image and body shape nowadays. Teens often opt for some very dangerous, rapid weight loss programs that do more harm than good. However, the truth is, they can achieve quick weight loss without putting their health in peril. A regular exercise regimen is one of the best solutions to shed some pounds, while eating nutritious food is another way to lose weight. It is best to consult a physician if you want to confirm the right weight for your height and body type, and ask them for the best quick but safe weight loss plan for you.
For teenagers that want to become firmer and leaner, here are ten tips that will surely benefit you as a quick but safe weight loss plan.
1. Eating snacks wisely can help you lose weight fast - this is the best way to fill up your stomach, and still stay slim and trim. For example, protein ready snacks like cheese strings, fruits, and one tablespoon serving of peanut butter take care of hunger pangs really well, while giving you an energy boost.
2. Turning off the television is another way to lessen your food intake. According to some studies, we usually consume about 40% more calories while watching TV. Other distracting activities such as driving, texting can result in eating too much as well. Therefore, when you are eating, stay focused on just that for quick weight loss.
3. You have to step on a weighing machine every day and monitor your weight regularly and accurately. If your weight has increased for several consecutive days, then it is time you started a quick, but safe, weight loss workout routine. You need to be mindful of variations in your weight!
4. Doing push-ups, squats, and lunges for five minutes every day can help you maintain and build muscle mass. The firmer muscles you have, the better your metabolism. This will help you burn down more calories every day.
5. Whenever you are craving for food, call a friend and make sure that you get busy in talking to them. Studies show that food cravings usually last for five minutes at most, so by the time you hang up, your hunger will usually have subsided.
6. For rapid weight loss, it is better to have a well-balanced and healthy breakfast every day. However, you have to choose something that will satisfy your taste buds and stomach as well, without adding to your weight, such as some turkey or bacon, and egg whites withtoasted whole wheat bread.
7. Treat yourself during weekends but just stick with one glass or serving of light beer, wine, vodka or soda. These drinks have at least 100 calories in each serving so the less you have, the better.
8. Eat fruits two times a day. Fruits with high water content contain little to no fats. They fill up your stomach while keeping your calorie intake low, which helps during quick weight loss programs.
9. Naps and a good night's sleep can do wonders for your metabolism and can help you digest food faster, and better. When you have peace of mind and are getting enough sleep, you are less prone to eating out of stress or fatigue.
Sarah Aslam

Economic Solutions For Summer - Weight Loss Camps and More!

When the temperatures go up, so do costs! Not only do you have air-conditioning costs to contend with, you also have children home all day (plus neighborhood children if you're the IT house like us!). Children require activities, food and drinks and you may notice your monthly expenses rising. Even little things like using more paper products and cleaning products can really add up when you are entertaining your children every day.
It's important to find some money-saving activities such as summer camps and food ideas to stay on a budget this summer!
The days of having a bag of expensive cookies or a pint of Starbucks ice cream that you enjoy nibbling while the kids are at school are over! You need bulk snacks that are healthy and affordable to keep the kids from raiding the pantry or refrigerator.
Popcorn goes a long way. Better than bags of microwave popcorn laden with butter, you can now purchase a popcorn maker for the microwave and use the less expensive popcorn that we used to make on the stove. You can flavor this in a number of ways from making it cheesy with inexpensive cheese powder to spicing it up with pepper flakes.
Sugar-free Popsicles can be purchased in bulk, but save yourself a mess by requiring that they be eaten outside. Jello is very inexpensive and a tasty, cooling treat. Make it yourself rather than buying the pre-made individual containers.
For more sustaining foods, try keeping veggies such as celery, carrots and trail mix on hand as well. You might want to make a deal with the other parents in the neighborhood to either send the kids home for lunch or switch every other day as to who will be serving lunch.
Water is the best form of hydration and if you can avoid serving sugary beverages, you'll save a bundle both in money and health! This only works, however, if you have a filtered water source because purchasing bottled water really adds up. Make a one-time investment on an RO (reverse osmosis) system or a simple charcoal-filter attachment that you can usually install at the kitchen sink yourself.
Plan ahead and keep pitchers of the water chilled in the refrigerator. Assign a reusable water bottle or cup to each of your children and their friends. You might even talk to the other parents in the neighborhood and agree to send your children with their personal water bottles.
If the temperature are really high and your children are exerting themselves physically, you might consider sports drinks on occasion. Water may not be enough if they are really burning energy, and sports drinks offer electrolytes necessary to restore hydration for your little athletes! Unless you hit an awesome sale on individual bottles, you should buy the gallon jugs or powder mixes.
Weight loss camps and other types of summer camps can be costly, but in the end, they will save you money. When you free yourself for a month or so of not providing all the daily food, beverages and activities such as going to the movies, you'll quickly see that a structured summer camp can offer tremendous savings.
Determine what your child's needs and interests are and choose from a wide range of summer camps such as fitness, weight loss, academic, computer and even fantasy camps!
David Kraft is a freelance author with many areas of specialization. He promotes healthy living for youth and provides information about fitness camps. You can learn more at his teen weight loss camps site.

Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight Fast - How to Lose Weight Fast at Home Using These 10 Tips

If you are like me, you may have tried various programs to lose weight fast and may be about to give up on your goal since you did not see immediate results. This is what I was about to do since I got fed up when I did not see results, trying various weight loss products advertised online. But when I now reflect on my goal I can see that I had never given enough time for any result to manifest, as I was seeking instant gratification always. I had been programmed by the media to look for immediate results in whatever I do or just discard the product if I do not get instant results.
This mind set was detrimental in achieving my weight loss goals. So at one important point in my life, I decided to do some extensive research over popular products advertised online and choose one product that resonated with my consciousness and stick to it until I saw results. That is what I exactly did and I was finally successful in losing stubborn weight in my body, especially around my belly and buttocks.
I did one more important thing that saw an immediate shift in my perspective about losing weight fast. I had some unconscious beliefs that weight loss is not easy, in fact losing weight is impossible and so forth. I checked how I felt when I would think about losing body fat. I noticed that I would feel very negative when it comes to thinking about losing my excess weight. In the past what I would do is, try to avoid these feelings and think something else instead. But now
I know that, if you are to erase these limiting beliefs about losing weight or anything else, you should be prepared to feel the negative feelings fully. Contrary to popular belief, feeling our feelings is one of the most effective ways of erasing limited beliefs from our unconscious.
When we think of our goals we are about to encounter some resistance from our unconscious. If we just tune in to these feelings and allow ourselves to feel them fully, they just vanish and will never come back. Do not try to avoid these negative feelings. My ability to lose weight fast. Increased tremendously, after I felt my negative feelings fully and released them.
If you have a positive mind set about your ability to lose weight, you have won 90% of your battle. The rest 10% is simple and can be activated in your own home, by following the 10 tips below.
Eat whole grain foods and add more fruits and vegetables to your diet
Do some moderate exercises 20 minutes a day and 3 times a week.
Eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of the customary, 3 major meals.
Check how you feel about losing weight. Believe in your heart that you can lose weight fast.
Be specific about your weight loss goal. Have a specific weight goal and a specific time period to achieve it.
Avoid junk food as much as possible. Even if you eat at a restaurant try as much as possible to eat healthy food. By chance if you eat junk food, do not feel guilty about it. Guilt is a powerful emotion that is detrimental to your weight loss goal.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Water increases our metabolic rate.
Drink cold water if possible. Our body needs to burn more fat to generate extra energy to convert cold water temperature to our body temperature.
Do not starve. Starving has a reverse effect on weight loss. When you starve your body takes it literally and will prepare itself to store more fat from your next meal.
Colon cleansing is very effective in ridding your body of parasites and plaque. They are responsible in making you eat more food than required for their survival.
These are very effective tips that can be followed right now from home. To discover real reasons, why you are unable to Lose Weight FastCLICK HERE

Top Ten Ways to Lose Unwanted Pregnancy Weight Fast

It is normal for a woman to retain some of the weight after having a baby. But, there are also women who are not happy with retaining the normal weight. For those women there are ways to lose that unwanted extra pounds.
If you are woman who has had a baby recently and who has been brave enough to step on a scale you will end up with one of two expressions, disappointment or share horror. The amount of the weight that you have lost after giving birth might not have been much or you might not have lost a pound.
The good news is, you can lose all the weight you want. With that being said you will need to be discipline and be prepared to work hard. With that in the forefront of your mind at all times you can get to work and be prepared to work.
Techniques to lose the post pregnancy weight
1. Drink lots of water. Get rid of all the sugary drinks or at least most of them. These include but are not limited to beverages like sodas and juices. Replace these with water with fresh lemon juice squeeze in it. This quenches the thirst faster and has no calories.
2. Keep healthy in the house. Replace the biscuits, breads, pizza etc. with raisins, nuts, and fresh vegetables for salads.
3. Eat lean meats. Eat more turkey, lean beef, chicken without the skin etc.
4. Whole Grains. Include whole grains in your diet. Try to avoid the white foods like bread.
5. Don't be fooled by the low fat or no- fat labels. Many of them are loaded with calories and other hydrogenated oils that are not good for you. Read the labels. If there is something you cannot read or spell it is no good for you.
6. Forget all about fast foods. If it is not a salad do not eat it. These are filled with thousands of calories and will leave you hungry in a few minutes.
7. Exercise, Exercise, exercise. You need to exercise if you truly want to lose the weight. This must include aerobics and weights. Muscles burn fat faster.
8. Breastfeed. One of the fastest and easiest ways to lose the weight is to start breastfeeding the baby. This will rev up the fat burning process.
9. Join a gym. If you live close to a gym and if it is possible, join a gym and make it your duty to go.
10. Exercise at home. If you are afraid of the gym or do not have the time to visit a gym, exercise on your own at home. Take a walk with the baby. Go for a run with the baby in his/her stroller. You will feel better and the baby will also too.
What a woman who has had a baby should never forget that it took nine months to put all the weight on and so it will take at least nine months to take it off. Be consistent with your weight loss program. If you fail do not get frustrated, keep going. Get help from someone else who might have been in your situation. Meditate if you like this will help you to remain focus.
One thing a mom should never forget and that is. No matter how long it takes, the weight can be lost and the old body can return or better yet, an even better body might be waiting at the end of the program.
For more information on How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy visit my website at

3 Incredible Motivation Tips to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, one of the most common things I hear all of the time is this:
"I'd love to lose weight, but I just don't have the motivation and the drive to do it!"
Sadly, this is a statement that is all too common in the modern world today. Saying this to yourself is like crushing your soul. You're already giving up before you even get started, so why even waste the time thinking about dropping a few pounds? With a mindset like this, it shouldn't be a surprise that weight loss is a battle that is hard-fought and tough to crack.
Giving Up Does More Harm Than Good
When you're faced with a challenge or conflict in life, giving up (or running away from the problem at hand) seems like the easiest way out - and it is. What many fail to realize is that while it might make you "feel better" at the time, the problem is still there. The longer you continue to avoid the issue, the worse things will get as time progresses. You will never move forward and will continue to remain stuck where you are until you decide to muster up the confidence to tackle those challenges now.
Don't even try to press the "easy button". It doesn't work and it never will. That probably doesn't leave you with a whole lot of hope if you're still not thinking twice about getting your tail in gear. Thankfully, we're going to make that all change right now!
How to Turn Things Around
There are a number of ways to increase your motivation to lose weight. The key is to remain consistent by implementing a variety of techniques that can help you stay focused on your task at hand. Lose that focus, and you risk your progress.
Worried about your lack of motivation lasting forever? Don't be. Instead, just check out these 3 incredibly effective ways to explode your motivation and help you keep your eye on the prize!
#1 - Break Down Goals into Smaller Chunks
If you want to get your motivation up and running, goal setting is crucial. However, it isn't as easy as just saying something along the lines of, "I'm going to lose 100 pounds in 6 months." While this can happen, setting a goal THAT big is an easy way to crush your motivation
before you even get started. It's like staring at the peak of a mountain from the bottom and thinking only about reaching the peak, rather than the focusing on the steps you will take to get their first.
Making your goals more manageable is a matter of breaking them down into smaller chunks. If you're goal is to lose 100 pounds in 6 months, you know that 6 months is equivalent to roughly 26 weeks. If you take 100 and divide that by 26, you end up with a figure close to 3.87. That means in order to lose 100 pounds in 6 months, you would need to lose up to 3.87 pounds per week for a duration of 26 weeks. When you break it down like that, the climb up that mountain doesn't look so bad now, does it?
#2 - Don't Be Afraid to Reward Yourself
For some people, the reward of a healthier and better looking body isn't enough to get them in gear. That's why using an incentive can be a great way to give yourself that extra push.
The idea is simple - once you hit your target or goal, the incentive is yours to keep. Of course, it is up to you to choose how you want to setup your rewards and the goals you need to hit to get them.
The only way a reward will pay off and increase your motivation to get moving is if you stay true to your word and don't cave into temptation. Fortunately, there are ways around this for those who don't feel confident in sticking to their word. Websites like stickK give you the ability to challenge a group of friends or family and set "stakes" to hold you accountable for your goals. Miss out on your goal and you end up forking over some cash to a friend or charity. Meet your goal and the money is yours to keep. Wouldn't you stop putting off the gym and your clean eating if you knew that you had $100 on the line?
#3 - Join a Supportive Community
There is nothing better than having your own circle of support to help you through your ups and downs. That's why joining a supportive community (on or offline) with others who have similar goals and experiences can be one of the greatest tools to keep your motivation floored at all times. If you ever run into a situation where your focus is off or you're feeling down, talking with other members is enough to give you the courage to keep on keeping on.
Besides the incredible benefits of having a "sounding board" whenever you need it, joining a community gives you the opportunity to reach out and help others, too!
It's Your Time to Shine
Your weight loss journey is going to be filled with a number of highs and an equal amount of lows. No matter what happens, just remember these 3 motivational tips and put them to work. When you do, you will realize how easy it is to stick to your plan and make your goals and dreams become a reality!
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Rapid Fat Loss - 10 Pounds In 12 Days, Is That The Best Method?

There are literally hundreds of different plans on the market for you to choose from when it comes to finding a plan for eating to lose weight. They all have their theory backed by a trainer, possibly a nutritionist, and they all come with a workout generically designed to help you lose weight.
In recent weeks another sales pitch for a diet that claims it could help you drop ten pounds in twelve days made it to the email inbox. It was passed over for the next unopened email as the skeptic was driving the mouse.
One of the major flaws in the health and fitness industry, especially via the internet, is the fact that just about anyone who has lost weight, or won a fitness competition, or has simply taken an interest can write a plan and sell it on the world-wide-web.
While these plans might prove to be effective for those that might need to drop a few quick pounds for a wedding or social gathering, many of them end up setting you back farther than you were before you started.
The biggest argument against these fads is the fact that people abuse them. They get their hands on this diet that lasts less than two weeks and they say to themselves, "hey I can do this!"
They progress through the plan, they might not drop the weight that the plan claims, but they dropped a noticeable amount, and so begins the spiral. Immediately after the plan is complete the individual heads out for a night on the town throwing caution to the wind eating and drinking anything they desire.
Unfortunately, that one meal can undo all of the progress that was made in the previous weeks.
One bad meal is all it takes.
What many people fail to realize is that eating to lose weight is not a simple diet that you follow for a week or so, but rather it is a lifestyle. It is a journey that has a beginning but no foreseeable end. You get on the bike and you move one direction--forward.
This is that one instance where there is no daylight at the end of that tunnel, and you have to make peace with that, but you can also use that as your motivation. Yes, there is no light there yet, but that does not mean to stop and turn around, that means to keep pushing forward. Even though you do not see it yet does not mean you will not see it tomorrow.
The point is these seemingly short fat-loss programs might not be the way to go. The only way they will prove to be of value is if you keep doing it, and refrain from the, "one and done" mentality.
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Quick Weight Loss Diets and the Body Fat Chart

Chances are you have never used a body fat chart or been on a diet before, right? Or if you're reading this, it clearly didn't give you what you needed. Most diets leave the body depleted and ready to store fat again - quickly! Being able to forget about the detail of food and instead stick to the body fat chart, that's right...the body fat chart is one of the most useful resources you can have for losing weight.
Quick weight loss diets have very few calories which can be empty and toxic, making you crave more food, and preventing the person from burning fat and getting rid of fattening chemicals. It's like saying sprinkle this miracle fertilizer on your lawn, but take away the soil in which the grass grows. Your body is your earth. Without the right food your body can't do its work. By first helping you to reveal the hidden reasons behind your weight gain, the life-changing weight loss plan then helps you harness the power of your body and mind to lose weight.
I have seen how people's lives are transformed when they uncover a truth about quick weight loss diets, how their body works without a body fat chart, and why they have struggled with their weight. It's a turning point for them. It's like finding out that you've been putting diesel in a petrol engine and expecting your car to perform perfectly Well, think about your stubborn weight gain and test the body fat chart for your behavioral problem! You need to understand why your body is refusing to let the weight go, why the strategies you're using aren't working and how to put together a long-term system of quick weight loss diets with a body fat chart, that really works. But it does mean putting in a bit of time at the beginning (not much though, as we've done most of the work for you...) to develop a proper understanding of why you are the way you are now.
The life-changing plan with a body fat chart is designed to boost nutrition on every level, so that the body fat chart can help you record and manage weight effectively. Did you know that your liver is your major fat-burning organ? If it's too clogged up with toxins from man-made chemicals then it can't function optimally. Are you aware that digestion is also vital for weight management? You're not what you eat, you're what you absorb. With a body fat chart you can record what your body digests and eliminates and be better 'tuned in' to what your body needs. Time after time I've seen how clients have not only lost (and kept off) stubborn pounds or stones, but also how their general health improves as these vital systems in the body are boosted.
How life-changing quick weight loss diets will boost your body.
Not all eating plans require use of a body fat chart, but is helpful with an eating plan jam-packed full of nutrient-rich foods that provide life-promoting vitamins, minerals and essential fats, that can be portion controlled and all the foods are easy to get hold of and prepare. This is not about depriving you of good tasting food, it's about increasing your enjoyment of natural flavors and letting your body work better than it has in years. Quick weight loss diets with natural whole foods, such as good quality proteins, whole grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables give the body proper nutrition, which keeps you mentally, emotionally and physically balanced. Small amounts of protein taken with each meal slow down the release of sugar in the body and keep you feeling full for longer. Essential fats slow down the transit of foods and also help the person absorb nutrients better. They're also needed by the liver in its job of metabolizing fat- you need to eat good fat to burn bad fat!
So, ditch the calorie counting and instead turn to nutrient maxing! In essence, what this means is making sure that the majority of what you consume is of the highest nutritional quality, but at the same time you need to take out the 'nutrient robbers' - the pre-packed, processed, chemically altered foods that all add to your body's toxic load. The body fat chart helps reduce toxins a person takes in, and makes it less difficult to manage weight effectively.
Great longer term results with a body fat chart.. eating nutrient-rich food is more energy and vitality, better skin, better concentration and mood, and effortless weight control. After all, human beings are not meant to be overweight - it's merely a symptom of a toxic lifestyle, whether indirectly through a hidden problem or directly through what you eat and drink. Eventually you'll find that you naturally and effortlessly 'tune' into your body's needs and listen to the foods your body requires for health and vitality, instead of feeding the craving for addictive substances.
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How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week

The restriction in the amount of calories you intake and the best selection of foods that will contribute to the increase of the body metabolism rate are some of the positive steps that can be taken to curb weight gain. Along with this, when you put in efforts to do some physical exercises, you can climb the ladder of losing 5 pounds in a short duration of time. This article gives you a fair idea on how to lose excess weight by natural methods.
Weight Scale
Do not be bothered about the physical mass all the time. It is the balance of your height and the corresponding weight that is going to give you the shape of your body. If you are maintaining the weight and height concurrence, then there is no reason for you to feel sad. No one is going to recognize your excess weight if you have that balance between the height and the weight. It is always good to drop a few calories from the body and gain good shape, at the same time, do not feel inferior and lose your confidence.
Weight Loss objectives
Aiming at a luxurious rate of weight loss is risky and unsafe too especially when your physique does not hold up for you with the weight loss efforts that you take. It is much safer and reliable to lose less than two pounds every week. When your objectives are lenient like this, there is a high probability that you will accomplish your goal.
Calories to Exhaust
In general, to maintain the same weight, a person needs 12 calories for each pound of his weight every day. A person weighing 100 pounds will need 1200 calories to maintain the same weight. To lose one pound of body weight, the person weighing 100 pounds need to exhaust 2300 calories extra or he must consume these many calories less in his diet. When cutting down huge amount of calories is not an option in any fitness book, it is better to find ways to exhaust them.
Minimum Calories
If you are going to try starvation ideas that would be the thing you would do to lose weight. Stored components in the body will be broken, survival signals would be ignited and you would be forced to consume more foods to make yourself survive that period of time. Body metabolism would have gone down and body will conserve all the foods you intake by storing them. By starving you almost always gain weight rather than losing it. You need at least 1200 calories per day for all your daily activities.
Water and Fiber
There is no better food to lose weight when it has the ingredients of water and fiber. Vegetables are good sources of fiber and water content and in addition to it, they also comprise of vitamins and minerals. For example, one pound package of a vegetable salad would comprise of just hundred calories. Keeping your body filled with salads daily will help you lose 5 pounds more quickly.
Label Reading Tips
The quantity of the ingredients must also be checked while you go through the contents table. It is not only the name of contents. The names of the ingredients that end with "ose" are all sugar contents say, for example fructose, glucose and sucrose. These are high calorie substances that will slow down the body metabolism and promote stray storage of calories in the body. Amongst these, fructose which by itself gets metabolized very slowly is better than other sugar components.
Hydrogenated Oils
Foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils should be avoided in your diet. It is literally useless to the body. These hydrogenated oil substances contain Trans fats which are even worse than the saturated fatty acids. The manufacturers are permitted to label their product as zero grams of Trans fats if their product contains less than half a gram of trans fat per each serving. This is allowed by health norms and regulatory rules. So do not be fooled by reading the bold letters on the labels but check on few finer aspects that are present in the label. These finer details will help you find out if the food is safe to consume without out risk of fat contents that may harm the body metabolism.
Essential Fats
There are certain fats that are very essential for our body. Mono unsaturated fats are indispensable for some of the internal metabolisms in the body. This is present in olive oil. Foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are much welcome for the body. Supplement your diet with nuts and seeds to get a supply of good fat contents.
Chart out Exercising Plans
Come up with good exercising plans in accordance with your day to day activities. Most people face troubles in succeeding because of lack of planning. With correct plans in place, you must never feel that you are not having the time to exercise. If you have to go to work early in the morning, you can spend time at the gym in the morning before you leave to office and in the evening time, you can go for a walk in the open atmosphere. Write down a plan neatly and show it to your family members and close friends. They will push you in case you fail to implement your plans. Take the company of a good friend to do your exercise or at the least, you can even take your dog which will wake you up daily if you practice taking it out on a fixed time of the day.
Ample Fluids
Only a hydrated body will give you good shape to the body. It is all fluids inside the body that gives the cells their shape. There is virtually nothing inside the body without moisture i.e. the fluid contents. Consuming fluids in fair amounts every day is as important as breathing. Fluids like water and other nutritional drinks have a positive effect on the body. The canned juices and alcohols will never come under this category. Glucose water, water added with lemon slices can be had frequently in the day which will prove helpful in flushing out toxins from the body. Fresh fruit juices with less amount of sugar are also a good option to include in the diet. All these fluid consumptions will make you lose 5 pounds in an impressive manner.
Fruit Diet
Consumption of fruits alone for few days is a positive step to lose 5 pounds. It would be a bit hard to practice initially but your body will be accustomed to it with more amounts of toxins getting flushed out from the body. Eating fruits alone is not at all a bad idea, as no diet that is of today are devoid of ill contents that subdue the weight loss process. All the modern day foods comprise of saturated components, processed components, added preservatives and other chemicals that are bad for health and they pose a big challenge for the digestion mechanism. With good supply of vitamins and minerals from the fruits, stamina will develop and many regulatory processes in the body can go on a high.
Grocery List
Buy as much varieties of fruits as you can. Varied type of fruits will give you all round supply of nutrients to the body. Purchase fruits and vegetables such that you need not go back on a shopping spree again within two weeks. You can have those in your freezer boxes. Some nuts can also be bought along with these fruits to consume on odd times. Some of the best fruits that are useful for weight loss are bananas, peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi, plums, pineapple, cherries, apples, oranges and blueberries. Some of the best nut choices are cashews, pecans and walnuts.
Persist with Plans
Do not take things light when you start seeing a few results. You have to hold on until you achieve your long term goal of losing 5 pounds. In the same way, do not shy away from implementing your plans if you do not taste success initially. Believe in your plans and persist with your plans to see success. Losing 5 pounds is a feasible task which can be done quite easily using all the above mentioned tips.
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Should You Consume Caffeine to Lose Weight?

People seeking to lose weight are typically anxious to hear about any trick to make weight loss easier. One way to help speed weight loss is to find ways to speed up the metabolism, so that more calories are burned in a day.
Research has shown that caffeine is effective at speeding up the metabolism, so that you burn more calories. According to the Mayo Clinic, caffeine stimulates many body functions, including the heart rate, central nervous system function and metabolism. In addition, caffeine may decrease the appetite short term. So, adding caffeine may be an effective way to jump start weight loss. There are some things to consider, however:
You may see no effect if you're already a caffeine consumer. If caffeine is already a part of your daily diet, you would likely need very high doses of caffeine to increase your metabolism above the level at which it already functions. However, those who don't regularly consume caffeine may see some benefit.
You must be careful where the caffeine comes from. If you start getting your caffeine from sugary sodas, you'll likely gain weight rather than lose it. However, if you get your caffeine from coffee, tea and sodas without sugar, you may see some results.
You must consider your other health issues. If you already suffer from an irregular heart rate or high blood pressure, your doctor may have warned you to stay away from caffeine. If this is the case, caffeine may not be safe for you. Be sure to talk to your doctor before adding caffeine.
What if I'm Caffeine Sensitive?
Many people stay away from caffeine because they find that too much caffeine causes sleeplessness or jitters. For these people, supplementing with caffeine for weight loss might seem unreasonable. However, there's one form of caffeine that seems to be tolerated well by those who are normally caffeine sensitive.
Green Tea May Be the Answer
Green tea may well be the best way to get your caffeine for weight loss. Though green tea does contain caffeine, it is in smaller amounts than many other beverages. In addition, the caffeine in green tea seems to be better tolerated by the caffeine sensitive than other caffeinated beverages. This is thought to be because of the anti-oxidants in green tea.
These anti-oxidants, in addition to making the caffeine less of a problem, also offer a myriad of health benefits. Green tea's anti-oxidants have been shown to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease and some forms of cancer. So, even if you don't lose weight from drinking green tea, it's a healthy habit to add to your diet.
But, the best news is that in addition to being healthy and well tolerated by the caffeine sensitive, it may just be that green tea is the best way to get your caffeine for weight loss. This is because studies have shown that green tea is more effective in promoting weight loss than other caffeinated beverages. The combination of caffeine and green tea's anti-oxidants appears to be more effective in promoting weight loss than caffeine alone.
One important study on this subject was reported by the Obesity Research Group. In this study, ninety overweight men and women were studied. First, the group was put on a low calorie diet for four weeks. The subjects were divided between low caffeine consumers and high caffeine consumers. At the end of the four week diet period, the subjects were placed on a weight maintenance program.
During this weight maintenance period, subjects either received a green tea/caffeine supplement or a placebo. Within the groups, both high caffeine consumers and low caffeine consumers were given the green tea/caffeine supplement. The weight maintenance period lasted for 3 months.
At the end of the study, the results were as follows:
o Caffeine consumers overall seemed to have higher satiety levels and lower leptin levels, which helped speed weight loss.
o During the weight loss period, caffeine consumers lost more weight than non-caffeine consumers.
o During the weight maintenance period, the low caffeine consumers who received the green tea/caffeine supplement kept off more weight than the low caffeine consumers who received the placebo. In fact, many of them continued to lose weight.
o During the weight maintenance period, the high caffeine consumers who received the green tea/caffeine supplement did not report a significantly higher success rate in keeping the weight off than those high caffeine consumers receiving the placebo.
While more research is needed to truly determine how green tea and caffeine can help with weight loss and maintenance, it does appear that consuming green tea and other forms of caffeine can help you lose weight. In particular, caffeine and green tea may be especially effective for those who don't consume a great deal of caffeine on a regular basis. And, since green tea is a form of caffeine that is well tolerated by most caffeine sensitive people, green tea may be the best way to use caffeine as a weight loss aid.
You have nothing to lose by adding green tea to your diet. It's healthy, refreshing and has no side effects. And even those who are sensitive to other forms of caffeine can usually drink green tea without experiencing unpleasant side effects. So, see if green tea can help you in your efforts to lose weight!
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Top Ten Snacks For Weight Loss

Snacking has a bad reputation. But if you are trying to lose weight, snacking can really help as long as you do it right. By eating three meals a day and two snacks, or five small meals a day, you will keep your energy levels up, your blood sugar levels even and your metabolic rate high.
The right snacks will help your body burn fat and will stop you from binge eating. They will also provide you with necessary nutrients so that you aren't consuming empty calories.
So here are the top ten snacks for weight loss (all calorie contents are approximate).
1. 1 medium apple sliced with 1 tbsp unsalted peanut butter (170 calories).
2. 2 brown rice cakes (9g each) with 1 tbsp unsalted almond butter and ½ medium banana (220 calories).
3. 2 oatcakes and 2 tbsp hummus (170 calories).
4. ½ cup plain low-fat yogurt, 1 tbsp honey and ½ medium banana (185 calories).
5. ¾ cup whole wheat cereal and ½ cup 1% milk (150 calories).
6. ¼ cup (about a handful) of raw unsalted mixed nuts (160 calories).
7. Red berry oatmeal smoothie (half a banana, ½ cup 1% milk, five strawberries, ten raspberries, ¼ cup dry oatmeal) (215 calories).
8. Chopped vegetables (1 carrot, 2 celery stalks and 6 cauliflower florets) and 1 tbsp French dressing (140 calories).
9. Home made popcorn made from 1 cup corn kernels and 2 tbsp vegetable oil (20 calories - serves the whole family!)
10. ½ cup edamame (120 calories).
So next time you need a snack, try one of these healthy options. By eating nutritious snacks between meals you will ward off hunger pangs, keep your energy levels high, and be well on your way to achieving the perfect figure.
Esther Schultz is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. She writes regularly about nutrition and weight loss at [] where you can find out how to eat your way to the perfect figure.

Top 10 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat to Get Weight Loss Fast

If you want to lose weight more efficiently, you need to eat more to get it done. You may not believe it because it disagrees with the whole concept of dieting, but it really work. The truth is you need to eat more of the good food.
The sizes of the food you eat depend on your total daily calorie allowance. You may stock your metabolism by eating a snack or small meal around every 3 hours. In a day you may eat up to 5 or 6 small meals for instance breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner and evening meal.
It is advisable that snacks should contain between 100 and 200 calories each. You are probably wondering what kind of snacks could possibly contain 100 to 200 calories and at the same time satisfy your taste. You can agree with me that junk food options or any sort of processed snacks can lead to zero nutrition and full of empty calories. You will notice that processed snacks will not satisfy you and it cause a drop in blood sugar levels, which lead to unhealthy food cravings. The only way you can avoid this viscous cycle is to get foods that are naturally low in calories and nutrient dense.
The top 10 Nutrient Rich Snacks are given below:
1. Dried Fruit like prunes, raisins, cranberries, dates and cherries - unsweetened.
2. Popcorn for example unsalted, no butter, margarine or air popped.
3. Veggies such as baby carrots, sugar snap peas, celery sticks and so on.
4. Nuts for instance pine nuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts.
5. Dark Chocolate.
6. String Cheese.
7. Whole grain cracker with Peanut butter or Hummus.
8. Fresh fruit & Berries.
9. Cottage cheese, frozen berries and honey.
10. Smoothie.
Finally, lots of these snacks are great for on-the-go or at your desk at work. Make sure that you develop a very good portion control if you really desire healthy snacks. By the time you have these healthy snacks at your disposal; it will help in avoiding any dietary difficulty.
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Top 10 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight Quickly

Along with exercise, you will need to find the best foods to eat to lose weight. Consuming a diet balanced with the right nutrition, but one with fewer calories will help the pounds to start dropping off, allowing you to reach your weight loss goal. If you are tired of carrying around excessive weight and desperately want to do something about it, then today is the day to start.
Getting started with any weight loss plan can be difficult. After all, you have so many choices when it comes to exercise, equipment, and diet that it sometimes seems confusing. We want you to be successful and most importantly, healthy. Therefore, we have pulled a list together for you on the ten best foods to eat to lose weight. Remember, the key with any weight loss is to be consistent, determined, and dedicated. Then, choosing the right exercise program and changing your diet will push you to success. 
  1. Salad Now, the key to salad being one of the foods to eat to lose weight is not becoming carried away with all the fillers. Instead, create your salad from several lettuce varieties, fresh tomato, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, celery, and beetroot, which are all low calories ingredients. Then, be careful when choosing the dressing in that this is what has all the calories. Choose only low-fat dressings or lemon, with salt and pepper.
  2. Grapes Another one of the best foods to eat to lose weight, grapes are great fresh or frozen. These tiny pieces of fruit are low in calories, delicious, and make an excellent snack.
  3. Oranges This type of citrus food is also a great snack. Considering that an average size orange only has 50 calories while providing a sweet, juicy treat, you can see why this is among the top 10 foods to eat to lose weight.
  4. Potatoes For some reason, most people think that potatoes have to be avoided at all costs when trying to lose weight. In reality, potatoes are rich in vitamins and nutrients, as well as being low calorie. As long as you stick with boiled or baked potatoes without the heavy sour cream and butter, you will do fine. Toppings that will add flavor but not calories include salsa, low-fat cheese, and even cottage cheese.
  5. High Fiber Cereals In addition to making you feel full, cereals high in fiber are low in calories. For instance, you could choose white rice, corn, or oats, which are delicious and filling.
  6. Sweet Potatoes These potatoes are still low in calories, having about 120 each. Again, as long as you boil or bake them, sweet potatoes are creamy and satisfying, while also being rich in vitamins. Because of this, we wanted to list sweet potatoes in our list of foods to eat to lose weight.
  7. Popcorn The key here is to eat only air-popped popcorn. With this, the popcorn is popped using air instead of rich butter. By adding a little bit of salt, you have a wonderful snack.
  8. Egg Whites You can enjoy a breakfast of scrambled egg whites, which are high in protein and low in calories. Using low-fat butter or spray cooking oil and a little seasoning, you will find these to be quite tasty, making this yet another great choice of food to eat to lose weight.
  9. Bananas and Blueberries The average banana has only 60 calories. Bananas are also filling, while being loaded with vitamins. Additionally, you could enjoy an entire 12-ounce bag of unsweetened blueberries for just 80 calories. To sweeten them, you could use an artificial sweetener such as NutraSweet or Splenda As you can see, both of these fruits are considered a great food to eat to lose weight.
  10. Mango and Papaya In the dried form, papaya and mango are ideal snacks, especially when craving something sweet. Both are a great source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron. These are also among the best considerations for food to eat to lose weight.
The goal in changing diet to lose weight is to make better food choices. However, you also need to know that on occasion, you should allow yourself a special treat such as a candy bar or piece of cake. Studies have shown that diets that cut all favorite foods out are destined to fail. Therefore, know it is okay to have a special food once in a while.
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