5 Belly Fat Burning Veggies!

How about some awesome belly fat, want some? Anybody want some jelly-looking fat to store around their gut region? Belly fat going once...belly fat going twice...belly fat gone!
I wonder why I didn't have any takers. A few rolls of belly fat can be so attractive and sexy. What? No? Well, maybe for some. But most of us want to lose it and exchange it for that nice six pack.
Believe it or not, there are hormonal situations that can result in unwanted fat being stored "specifically" around the waist and abdominal area.
For instance, a rise in cortisol can lead to this. That's precisely why all DreamBodies clients are taking anti-catabolic measures to insure the regulation and needed downgrade of the cortisol hormone--especially after workouts. In fact, I'm in the process of formulating a Pre/Post workout shake that will be UNLIKE anything on the market and only available to our clients. More about that much later on.
But for now, let me say that there is something you can do today to help break down some of the fat storage taking place in your belly region. The direct metabolic implications of these foods are due to the hormonal regulation and optimization that these foods have on your body.
Are you ready to know what these foods are?
Okay, well, they're vegetables. Specifically, the following five are the ones that I have been touting for years as genuine "leaning-out" types of foods. I use them with my Figure models and Bodybuilders in certain proportions to help initiate and achieve that ripped look.
1. Brussels Sprouts
2. Kale
3. Broccoli
4. Cabbage
5. Cauliflower
Without getting into all of the science, let me just say that these cruciferous vegetables have a potent two-prong impact on your body's hormones. For one, they have anti-estrogenic properties. Estrogen can cause fat to be stored in very unwanted places. Eating these veggies will help to lower your estrogen levels naturally.
Next, they have some anabolic affects on your body's muscle-building hormones--testosterone for one. Therefore, you can take a strong synergistic approach to burning that belly fat by eating moderate portions of these vegetables.
One last little golden tidbit:) Be sure to add some healthy fats since studies show that this will help with the assimilation and utilization of these veggies. Drizzle them with a tablespoon of Flaxseed oil or Udo's choice blend.
Eat up those greens and lean down and out those ABS!
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Tony DiCostanzo is a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer (NFPT-CPT) and the Founder of DreamBodies Body & Life Transformation System. With over 20 years of practical experience as a natural bodybuilder in the field of health & Fitness, Tony is also a coach and motivational speaker who inspires many through his lectures and seminars. His area of expertise is rooted in a multi-dimensional, body/mind approach to total body and Life transformation. His background includes competitive boxing, bodybuilding and Martial Arts. Aside from his certification in Personal Fitness training, he also holds a certification in Stress management.
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